Domcast Waterworks


While ours is a highly competitive market, DomCast benefits significantly from our decades of experience and growth in related industries, meaning that we are more than capable of producing, machining, and coating high-quality water management materials at economical volumes. In particular, by supplementing our domestic manufacturing with alternative overseas manufacturing, DomCast has further enhanced our service and production capacities. We have genuinely searched the world to find the most cost-effective methods and solutions to meet and exceed your company’s needs.

DomCast is headquartered in Windsor, Ontario, Canada, as its parent company has been consistently for over 80 years. DomCast USA and DomCast Waterworks are jointly owned and operated by the Matlock family, which has built a formidable international reputation for manufacturing quality products for the automotive, machine tool, municipal, construction, alternative energy, and water management industries.

DomCast’s network of manufacturing facilities produces thousands of tons of quality products every year for shipment to various diverse markets. This includes the manholes, catch basins, and valve boxes produced by DomCast.

DomCast uses DomCast manufacturing facilities and alliance operations in four countries, granting the company a substantial international footprint and allowing it to service its customers in the modern globalized manufacturing environment.

In total, DomCast boasts 25 manufacturing operations around the world with a global production capacity in excess of 350,000 tons. The company’s facility holdings and capabilities mean that you can trust DomCast to handle any and all of your material requirements – from hundreds to millions of pieces and for products weighing ounces to over 10,000 pounds.

Keith Matlock, DomCast’s third generation President and son Brandon Matlock being fourth generation, continue to run DomCast Waterworks in accordance with the vision and values of their grandfather. Now in its eighth decade, DomCast continues to expand and diversify its product line whenever appropriate while providing exceptional customer service and building lasting, meaningful client relationships. This commitment to diversification is behind the foundation of DomCast and its product line of quality manholes, catch basins, and valve boxes, all of which are designed to meet the diverse and unique needs of aquatic management, design, repair, and construction clients in the municipal and private sectors.

In Windsor, DomCast Waterworks’ well-managed team of trained professionals encourage their customers to take full advantage of DomCast’s rich expertise in machining, welded assemblies, e-coating, and sub-assembly services in all ferrous, non-ferrous, and plastic materials.

DomCast also encourages its customers to take advantage of its warehousing services for “Just-in-Time Deliveries” and sub-assembly operations. DomCast also owns and operates a logistics fleet of tractor trailers and container chassis, meaning the company can transport your manhole, catch basin, and valve box products to your desired destination quickly, cost-effectively, and professionally.

DomCast also operates out of its Corporate China Office. Located in Beijing, the overseas office is staffed and run according to the high quality standards the Matlock family imposed in Canada. DomCast China is home to a team of highly trained and educated professionals, including metallurgists, quality control managers, CAD designers, and production managers, all of whom can handle your every request in a timely, efficient, and satisfying manner.

DomCast understands that the market it supplies is highly competitive and quality driven. DomCast’s years of experience in high-standard manufacturing enables it to provide high-quality products, machined and coated at a high-volume production level that translates to highly economical solutions for you and your company.

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