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DomCast is a globally active, vertically integrated manufacturer and supplier of Municipal Castings, automotive components, alternative energy assemblies, and agricultural castings. Through our multinational network of domestic and overseas factories, we are capable of offering extremely low prices for high-quality products made from ductile iron, grey cast iron, steel, and a number of other versatile, durable materials. Specifically, DomCast specializes in the manufacturing of manholes, catch basins, valve boxes and other castings for the waterworks market.

DomCast, a family-operated business, has supplied the municipal and machine tool casting markets with quality castings for over 80 years and the automotive sector for more than two decades. As a modern, progressive, and forward-looking company, DomCast continues to evolve and diversify as new technologies and opportunities emerge in and around the markets in which we work. To this end, DomCast has grown to become the single largest steel fabricator for the alternative energy sector.

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